Mike Stulce

Olympic Champion - Shot Put

Personal Best 21.77M



Michael ("Mike") Stulce (born July 14, 1969 in Killeen, Texas) is a former shot putter from the United States who was an outstanding athlete at Texas A&M University. He won the gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. He is also three times national champion. In 1993 he won the U.S. National shot put Championships. Mike Stulce is 6'4" and weighed 295lbs in Barcelona.


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Interview with Leo Sharkey


At peak condition what were your best jumps results? Vertical jump, three jumps, standing long jump or any jump you had recorded. 

I honestly don't remember my jumps...it's hell getting old.

What was your best results for the clean and snatch?

Approximately 250kg for clean, 200kg for snatch


What was your best squat to parallel or below?

Approximately 340kg. 


What could you reach in the standing throw and over head shot? 

I never really measured my standing or overhead throws as a young thrower...and stopped doing both when I became world class. This may sound strange, but I felt both movements compromised my glide.


What lifting exercise was the most useful for you in achieving big throws in the shot?

I felt the power snatch & 1- hand snatch were the single best exercise to reinforce the stretch reflex and explosive power of the glide.


What other exercise (apart from actually throwing) contributed the most to your big throws? 

I felt the incline bench & jump squat were also important movements.


Did you have any measured marks with light or heavy shots while training? 

I never had measured marks...just practice.


Did you have any recorded times at training in any sprints at any distance?

Unfortunately no.


What percentage of time did you spend on throwing, drills, lifting, throwing overweight/underweight or other implements,sprints and jumps? 

 Wow, you know I'm getting older and have a hard time remembering things like that. I would guess that 40% throwing, 40% lifting, 20% conditioning (plyos, sprints, etc.)


Did you go heavy in flat or incline bench press?

I went as heavy as possible without sacrificing explosive speed.