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Anita Włodarczyk - Opens Big!

From IAAF - There were bright local prospects in the women’s throws, but it didn’t work out like that. It may have been expecting a little too much for either Wang Zheng or Zhang Wenxiu to beat Polish hammer world record-holder Anita Wlodarczyk but either, or both, might have got close. Instead, Wlodarczyk stamped her authority on the competition, part of the 2015 IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge, very early. Her 74.14m opener would have won the day, but she improved to a world-leading 77.73m in the second round and her last three throws went out to 76.23m, 75.59m and 75.61m. It was easily Wlodarczyk's best ever season opener and is the best hammer performance ever achieved on Asian soil. Zheng took second with 73.99m and Slovakia’s Martina Hrasnova was third with 73.80m.

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