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New World Junior Record
Translated - Konrad Bukowiecki pushed the ball with a weight of 6 kg a distance of 22.38M and three centimeters improved in the meeting in Torun junior world record. So far, he belonged to the German world champion David Storl and was established December 20, 2009 year. Less than a 18-year-old had a great Szczytno Guard series and as many as five trials of more than 20 meters. The furthest he sent a bullet in the fifth attempt. Saturday's result - 22.38M - is also better than the Polish junior record in the stadium. It is 22.06, and Bukowiecki won the junior world title in Eugene (USA). A Good Year! World record in this age category at the stadium to be from August 18 2013, New Zealander Jacko Gill is 23 meters. Last year was very successful for Bukowieckiego that summer he won two gold medals in major competitions of the season. In July, the Eugene won the competition 15 Junior World Championships under the age of 19 the result of 22.06M (ball 6 kg), and in August won the second Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing in China, where he pushed the ball pięciokilogramową distance 23.17M.

Long Throws - This Weekend
Michael Jo Lihrman - 24 47M (NCAA Div 1 Record)

Ida Storm 21 86M

Video - by Jim Aikens

2014 NTCA Hall of Fame inductees, Ed Burke - Tom Petranoff - Al Schoterman - (Jud Logan Introduction)

Konrad Bukowiecki Exceeds 24M!

Translated - Polish Konrad Bukowiecki improved for the fifth time in just over two weeks pursuing after the 17-year-old boys record.  On Saturday, December 13th, Bukowiecki boys hit the five kilo ball 22.41M and then 22.93M. The following Saturday, December 20th he managed record improved to first 22.95M and then 22.97M. On Tuesday, December 30th his performance improved wildly to 24.24M. Last summer Bukowiecki won the junior world championship and is coached by his father Ireneusz Bukowiecki, a former Polish national team decathlete. Official documents show that valmentajaisä would be born - in Turku, Finland. The best result for 17 years of age was New Zealander Jacko Gill, who three years ago hit the 17-year-olds outdoor track world record at 24.45M.

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