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Rohler Cracks 90M Again!

From IAAF - In the men’s javelin, Rohler once again proved that old adage that he who laughs last laughs best. The German took the lead in the second round with 87.05m, at which point he looked to have the competition at his mercy. Until, that is, his compatriot Johannes Vetter jogged to the line in the fifth round and unleashed a throw of 88.15m to take the lead. Rohler could only follow up with 85.54m, leaving him one last chance to produce some magic in the final round, which he duly achieved. His 90.06m throw gave him the win ahead of Vetter (88.15m) and Keshorn Walcott, who took third with 86.61m. “I made it again!” said Rohler, who had thrown 93.90m in Doha last month. “I was nervous before my sixth attempt, but you have to deal with that. I knew it would take 90 metres to win today. It’s easier when someone pushes you.”




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