Tom Walsh wins Super Shot

From - Tom Walsh delivered for his home fans at the Timaru Super Shot on Wednesday, setting a new residents' record. Tom Walsh has set a New Zealand residents' record in front of his home-town fans. Walsh had no trouble winning the inaugural Super Shot men's title in Timaru on Wednesday, hurling the shot out to 22.06m and beating his own residents record of 21.87m, set at the Porritt Classic meet in Hamilton in February. The reigning world champion said it will be a tough couple of weeks in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games as he continues his busy block of shot put events. Tom Walsh acknowledges his home town fans after winning the inaugural Super Shot in Timaru on Wednesday. Walsh, 26, has two more competitions in New Zealand, and now has the Games on the Gold Coast now firmly in his sights. "I've had a great start to the year winning the world indoors and now I've just got to keep it going and keep throwing 22m. Reigning world champion Tom Walsh threw a best of 22.06m, beating his own residents record of 21.87m."The world record's 23.13m and if I don't get there soon then someone else will so that's my goal. "I hope the Timaru crowd enjoyed themselves because I sure as hell did in this circle. "Walsh admitted putting pressure on himself before his homecoming, saying he wanted to win for his home fans.












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